Become grounded by rooting yourself in the infinite power of the Self.

Security is only an illusion! No matter how much money you have, or, no matter how hard you try to hold onto your relationships, nothing can keep you safe forever. It is not people who care for you, it is not money that looks after your needs, it is not others who provide for you; but it is the power of your own subconscious that works through people and things to fulfil your needs and desires.

Think about it; who gave you loving parents, who helped you win that lottery, who inspired that stranger to do something extraordinary for you, or, even, who is to be thanked when some of your wildest dreams come true? Indeed, it is the Divine within that works its way in the outer world. Then, why suffocate others by expecting them to fulfil your needs, why cling on to material things that can be gone in the fraction of a second? The only thing worth holding onto is the consciousness that connects you with the infinite power of the Universe.

When you are rooted in the Divine within, everything in the material world works out for your highest good. You are provided for, your needs are looked after, and it all happens in a much better way than what you can consciously do alone. Go into deep meditation and establish a connection with the Self which is the only true source of infinite power. Even when you come out of the meditative state, set the intention to retain that connection throughout the day. When you are connected with Infinity, everything you desire in the finite world finds its way of coming to you.

Desire only Unconditional Love, which is truly the essence of your being. Understand that when you are connected with your own Truth, love happens effortlessly. Joy permeates your being, and every life that touches yours becomes uplifted. Soon you will begin to notice that your loved ones are also beginning to shower you with all the love they are capable of in their present state of consciousness.

Have gratitude for whatever comes your way, and the blessings in your life shall grow enormously!

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