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I’m so honoured to introduce Bree Cowell to our Women of Sensual Seed conversation this month.  Bree is a dreamer, dancer and seeker.  As a free spirit, she is passionately devoted to human and spiritual evolution and metaphysical magic!  After being introduced to ballet by her mum at an early age, dance was the portal that guided her and is now the greatest gift of her life.  I’m so excited that she will be joining our Bali Sojourn in October to share the magic of Qoya dance with us.

Where do you live and what do you love about living there?

I’m usually found nestled up inside Bali’s womb, however this globe is my residential address.  My body and soul feels at home in Bali.  I feel as though anything is possible when I’m embraced by the Balinese smiles.  I’m forever fascinated by the rich culture and rituals, the heart opening community and reverence to one another.  And Ubud is in abundance for a plant based foodie.

How do you start your day?

Coffee!  I love a long training session followed by strong coffee!

Your favourite season?

Summertime!  I thrive in summer!  I can spend hours soaking up the Sun God like a lizard!

What is your greatest indulgence?

Travelling. Moving through space.  I’ve spent a lot of timing hanging out in airports waiting for my next pilgrimage to begin!  If I could not travel, then my second favourite indulgence is getting a massage on the beach in Bali.

One thing that might surprise people about you?

My heritage is Portuguese/Scandanavian.

What is One defining moment in your life?

Studying Qoya with Rochelle Schieck (the founder of Qoya) in Woodstock New York. During this sacred retreat I remembered that my soul purpose was to hold space for women as they were returning home to their bodies wisdom.  

Your favourite Sensual Seed oracle card, and why?

My favourite Sensual Seed card is Celebrate!  Every day is a celebration, especially the day you teach for your first Melbourne class! I love my Melbourne Qoya dancers!

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