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It is such a pleasure to introduce you to Dr Manjot Garcha in this months Women of Sensual Seed conversation.

Dr Garcha is a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Director in training. She has a passion for healing and educating.

She loves to empower women with knowledge and tools to transmute their pain – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. She uses the various skills she has honed over the years intuitively to help women feel physically fit, mentally sharp and emotionally balanced so that they can meet the divine within. She loves to guide these women who feel lost and confused with life back home to their hearts.

Where do you live & what do you love about living there?

I live in Bundoora and I love the parks and the Bundoora farm.  I love the creek right behind my house and feeding the ducks when they come visiting.

I moved to Australia as a new bride 10 years ago. Coming from Delhi, I love living in the vibrant Melbourne. And having both my kids in Australia has cemented the land in my heart as home.

I have been very blessed in meeting the most amazing people here and my soul family.

How do you start your day?

With my daily devotion which includes meditation, meeting my fears and consciousness encoding. 

I have been meditating since I was 13. I have tried many different versions over the years. Each one suited perfectly to the state I was in at the time. However, as I trained to be a qualified Intuitive guide and now pursuing the path of spiritual directorship, the significance of meeting the darkness first is embedded in me. Meditation is being aware of what’s going on in the body, mind and subconscious. But we mostly choose to see the light. It’s beautiful and fills our souls with brightness. But the most important task, assigned to us as humans is to dive deep into the subconscious to illuminate it. To meet the fears lurking in the shadows fearlessly to bring them to light and see them for the true gifts they have been in bringing us closer to our divine self. We need to descend to darkness to ascend fully into the light.

What is your favourite season?

Spring. Weather is Goldilocks perfect and I love the riot of colours in full bloom.

The beauty, joy and excitement of spring is infectious and inspires us to bring these qualities in life.

I also love winter when I can be cozy in my bed with an exciting book and a hot cup of tea. It allows me to go within, as does mother Earth, and many amazing ideas have been born in winter in my life to be brought to life in spring,  perfectly in sync with seasons.

What makes your heart sing?

Being in my heart makes it sing the most. We have a tendency to live in our heads but I have been retraining my self to live fully in the present moment in the beautiful Heart space.

The love of children, especially my 3 year old daughter, the amazing sisterhood in my life and my work, my passion all bring joy to me. I love to see the transformation in my clients as they discover their true selves, shedding the layers of fear and pain and empowering them with knowledge and tools to live their lives to its best potential.

One thing that might surprise people about you?

I have a funny bone which can come out in random situations.  I love cracking random jokes with a perfectly serious face which sometimes confuses people if I am being serious or not.

What is One defining moment in your life?

The moment I heard my GP say that there is no heartbeat… that miscarriage brought my world crashing down… but it introduced me to the Goddess Kali, and the deepest layers of myself. It has led me on the path of spiritual devotion in a very deep, vulnerable and glorious way.

I was living in an enchanted world of spirituality, focussing on love and light, skimming the surface of life, content to be where I was. The miscarriage drowned me in grief and darkness. It turned out to be the best gift, as it prodded me along to explore deeper the true nature of my soul, my subconscious. It allowed me to understand the deep spirituality where we dance with shadow and light at the same time. Where meeting the fear becomes a joyous celebration, knowing that another layer of darkness has been shed, bringing us closer to our true divine nature.

What is your favourite Sensual Seed oracle card?

My favourite card is Essence.

Yes, it’s the name of my business.  It sums up beautifully the truth, that we are pure divinity and each of us women are goddesses manifested. I love the vibrancy of colours green and yellow.  The yellow of solar plexus, the willpower/drive to reach for the stars and take action which is beautifully complemented with the green of the heart chakra adding the shades of compassion and love, for without these feminine qualities the sheer power of masculine will become ruthless and devoid of feelings.

And I love the imagery of the vertebrae/ the backbone that supports us at all times and helps us walk tall.

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