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Are you still wanting to heal a deep wound from the past?  This deep wound you have tried hiding from others, this wound that has made you build walls.  This wound that has made you scared of opening your door to love again…this wound that has pushed you to the edges of pain and tolerance.

Never be afraid of it.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

This wound stands for our vulnerability – our willingness to experience rather than run away. Oftentimes we struggle to heal; we struggle to wait for that total recovery.  We want to fast forward and wake up the next day feeling healed and hopeful again.  The pain may push you to the lowest corners of who you are, but you have to remember and hold this in your heart-

“The only way is through.”

Perhaps you have tried covering the wound with noise, with endless chatter that can muffle the sadness. Maybe you have exhausted all your energies just to find a short-cut in dealing with the loss or the heartbreak.

Remember this:

It is in silence that you and we truly hear.  It is in silence where we can listen to our own heartbeats and our own Intuitive Voice.

It is in silence that true healing takes place.

When you are alone in silence, you are allowing yourself to strip off all the fears of being judged for being “broken”. Being alone in silence helps you really look into what hurts you – to watch it closer and realise that there is nothing to be fearful of; there is nothing to be ashamed of.  In silence, you are able to converse intimately with your Deeper Self – someone who has never been wounded.

In silence, the voices that used to haunt you become murmurs of forgiveness. When you cultivate a better relationship with yourself through solitude, you begin to have a much clearer view of who you really are – and you become more forgiving of your weaknesses. In silence, you can observe that sometimes the rhythm of life is not at its finest – you can see around you the many withering and breaking. Then after all these, there is rebirth, growth, and transformation.

In solitude, you become a better friend to yourself. You take notice of the many beautiful truths around and within you. You learn that it is totally fine to sin, to fail, and to break sometimes.

In silence and solitude, you slowly heal. And in healing, you grow anew. You are not afraid of the light to pass through you anymore.

About the Writer:

Kristine Buenavista breathes verses at Sensual Seed. She is the co-founder of Hawid-panublion– a non-profit organisation that works closely with the indigenous women weavers of Nagpana Village in Barotac Viejo, Iloilo, Philippines. You can sit with her on the shore at SaltandSonder.com

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