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As a woman, your greatest power lies in fully embracing and nurturing your feminine essence. When you unapologetically accept your divine Truth, you become irresistibly radiant and magnetic. When that happens, the Universe bends over backward to cater to you as you are a magnet for all that is glorious and wonderful in this world.

Here are 10 practical tips to help you enhance your feminine radiance:

1  Feel and Experience Your Body

We live in a world where the truth of our feminine bodies is denied to us. We don’t listen to its unique needs or try to understand the deep wisdom that is present in every cell. By consciously and intentionally experiencing your body, you will be connecting with your feminine essence.

Take the time every day to communicate with your body. Try to understand its needs – listen to the feelings that are stored in different parts of your body. Ask yourself questions like: How am I feeling right now? Is there tension in any part of my body right now? Where can I experience greater relaxation? Does any part of my body feel contracted and stressed?

Consciously relax and release tension from each body part. Do this as frequently as possible throughout the day.

Whenever you find yourself getting swept away by a tsunami of thoughts, bring your awareness back into the body by asking these questions and consciously relaxing each body part. You don’t need to schedule a special time to do this although you can do that as well. But this is something you want to make a habit out of, so practice it wherever you can while waiting in a queue, taking the bus home, watching a movie, cleaning your house – just about any place and time is perfect for practicing bodily awareness.

Dancing is another excellent way of feeling the flow of feminine energy inside your body.

2  Nourish Your Body

Women often get so busy taking care of others that they forget to look after themselves. Treat your body with reverence and great care. It is a divine temple in which your soul is enshrined. Eat fresh organic wholesome food as much as possible. Stay away from processed food.

Make your meal times sacred by keeping all distractions (like phone, television) away. Eat your food with reverence, love, and awareness. Treat each meal as an offering to the Divine Feminine who resides within you.

3  Meditate and Connect with Your Core

Masculine energy is forward-leaning – it points outwards. Feminine energy is about leaning back and turning inwards. Therefore, following a daily meditation practice is essential for strengthening your feminine essence.

Pick up a practice that intuitively feels right for you. It should be something that leaves you feeling energised and refreshed.

By turning inwards you will draw your nourishment from Source. This will help you become a stronger magnet for everything that you wish to attract in the material world.

4  Slow Down a Little

Masculine energy is action and results-oriented. Feminine energy is about becoming fully present in the here and now.

When you are hurriedly trying to get things done, you are in your masculine energy. Of course, sometimes that’s absolutely necessary. But, in general, make it a point to do everything (big or small) with greater mindfulness by slowing down a bit. Learn to enjoy the process instead of getting obsessed with results.

Do everything with awareness. Like, even when you are walking, be fully present in your body – observe how the ground feels beneath your feet, connect with the sensations in your feet as you are walking. Slowing down a little in everything that you do in your daily life will make you more elegant and graceful.

Whenever you find yourself getting stressed out, bring your attention to your breathing. Observe the in-flow and out-flow of each breath. This will help you immediately pull your consciousness into the present moment.

5  Get in Touch with Your Feelings and Intuition

Masculine energy is related to logic and the mind. Feminine energy is connected to our feelings and heart. The more deeply you connect with your heart and intuition, the more you will enhance your feminine radiance.

I would suggest starting a journal where you record your feelings every day. Ask yourself every morning and evening, “How am I feeling right now?” Don’t analyse the answers that come to you – simply allow words to flow through you by writing whatever you are inspired to pen down in your journal. You will be amazed by the insights and awareness that this practice will bring you. Doing this after your morning and evening meditation is especially powerful.

Sensual tip: Whenever you are in a dilemma or you feel you need guidance, ask Source to provide you with an answer. Sit down in a quiet place and pen down whatever words come to you. Don’t stop to think or analyse. The answer will definitely come to you if you can let go of your logical mind to connect fully with Source.

6  Practice Relaxation

The only way you can truly embody and embrace your feminine essence is by relaxing into it. Every day, do something that deeply relaxes you and removes tension from your body.

This could be a daily yoga practice, listening to soft and soothing music, a weekly massage at your favourite spa – something that feels so good to you that you allow yourself to melt into the moment entirely.

Relaxing softens your face and body – making you more radiant and vibrant.

7  Trust and Let Go

A woman who is strongly connected with her feminine essence is like a powerful magnet. She attracts everything she desires into her life. Step out of the logical analytical mind that makes you wonder how your dreams will ever come true. Trust that the Universe is conspiring in your favour at all times (because it really is)!

Feminine energy is about trust and vulnerability. By trusting that the Universe is working for your highest good, you can let go of the worries that are holding you back, and, in most cases even repelling the manifestation of your dreams. Just like a baby allows itself to be trusting and vulnerable have faith that the Universe knows how to provide for you and look for you. You needn’t worry about anything.

8  Receive Graciously

Masculine energy is giving while feminine energy is receptive. It is quite tragic that most women have such a hard time receiving. This is mostly because women have been conditioned to believe that they must be giving at all times even if it leaves them feeling empty and disgruntled.

Allow yourself to receive graciously. Don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you need it. Most of the time men are eager to serve the feminine. A lot of women start feeling guilty when a man offers any form of help to them. A lot of times men just want to be helpful to the feminine. You don’t need to do anything in return except offer a few heartfelt words of appreciation and gratitude. This will make their day and also make your life easier.

9  Spend Time in Nature

Nature is a perfect embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Therefore spending as much time in nature as possible is ideal for strengthening your feminine essence.

Take walks in nature, have a picnic with your girlfriends, soak in the sunshine on a beautiful sunny day, read a book in your balcony as the sun bathes your face and body with its golden radiance, soak in a beautiful sunset on a lake – do whatever you can to experience Mother Nature – soak her in, become one with her, feel her in your Core.

10  Do Something Every Day that Gives You Joy

 When you are full of joy, you are powerfully connected with your feminine essence. Make a list of all the things that you love doing and that bring you great joy. These should be things that you do purely for pleasure. Doing things purely for the sake of the joy they bring to you will help shift your energy from the masculine to the feminine.

Every day schedule an hour to do at least one of these things. If one hour sounds like a lot, start with 5-15 minutes. When you feel ready, increase the time you spend doing them.

Make an effort to retain the sense of pleasure and joyfulness you derive from them throughout your day. It will make your aura extremely magnetic. Even physically, you will become more attractive. 

Above all, just remember to let go and simply BE!

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