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“There is room enough for all of us to be beautiful, gorgeous and amazing.”

Have you ever seen a baby – so completely lost in the wonder of its tiny feet and the glory of its little fingers? There isn’t a hint of self-deprecation, disgust or loathing in the baby’s demeanour. A baby lives in the miracle of total self-acceptance as a true living embodiment of unconditional love. No wonder, the baby revels every moment in the splendour of its existence – completely in love with each body part as if it were the greatest wonder nature ever produced!

Weren’t we all like that little baby at some point in our journey of life? What went wrong then? Why do we stare in the mirror now and chide ourselves for being too fat or too thin, why do we pine to have a different nose or a different pair of lips when nature chiseled each feature of our body to its own unique perfection?

Why do we constantly feel the need to compare ourselves with others? Why does society teach us to constantly compete with each other? Will it make sense if a rose were to compare itself with a chrysanthemum, or an apple with an orange, or a Flamingo with a Golden Pheasant? They are all beautiful in their own unique way, aren’t they?

If there is room enough in nature for every flower, every fruit, every bird to be beautiful, then why isn’t there room enough in our human world to allow every person to be beautiful and gorgeous?

To make matters worse, society indoctrinates us into believing that constantly belittling ourselves is synonymous with being humble. Why does belief in oneself and love for oneself have to be interpreted only as vanity? Besides, vanity comes from comparing oneself with another; why do we have to find someone else less beautiful in order to accept our own beauty? Can’t we all be beautiful and gorgeous, and live with a healthy sense of self-pride?

The other sad thing about living in this world is that we are constantly bombarded with images of what we should look like and how we should carry ourselves. In fact, the entire field of advertising works on the premise of making us feel inadequate. So we spend our entire life trying to adhere to a very limited notion of beauty, and, then, a few years later, even those norms change.

I mean, think about how quickly beauty trends transmute – there was a time when a rounded figure like Marilyn Monroe’s was the envy of the world but over the past decade or so being anorexic thin seems to have become the more popular choice. Then again, there was an era when having “porcelain” skin was the most desirable; women would go to great lengths to keep their skin tan-free. And today, there seems to be a tanning salon in every street corner!

Is it really worth resigning oneself to the whims of society and accept every popular idea?

Accept and Feel Beautiful

So now, the question is what can one really do to accept one’s beauty and to feel beautiful?

The answer is pretty simple —  it all starts with feeling beautiful. No, this won’t make you vain. In fact, quite the opposite, you will exude a powerful sense of quiet self-confidence that will be infectious to other people. You will lose your attachment to the opinions of others and others will feel instantly drawn towards you because of the brilliant aura of silent self-assurance that surrounds you.

Start Now!

So have you ever told yourself; you are beautiful and gorgeous? If not, then stand in front of the mirror and say this to yourself today. It might not be easy at first as years of social conditioning is likely to get in the way. But don’t give up and make it a point to do this every single day.

You will be amazed by how this thought, this idea, will start coming reflected back to you by everyone who comes near you. After all, the amazing thing about life is that every outer reality is only a reflection of what we believe to be true inside our minds and hearts.

Here’s an affirmation to start with:

“I am beautiful, gorgeous and absolutely amazing. The beauty of my heart and the perfection of my soul radiates through the physical perfection of my lovely face and beautiful body.”

About the Writer:

Ankita Singh is a self-help and motivational author dedicated to making a difference through the wisdom of her own experiences.  She also holds certifications in alternative wellness modalities like Yoga, Meditation, EFT, Silva Mind Technique and Reiki. You can connect with her by email: beautiful-life@gmx.com

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