You are perfect exactly the way you are. Accept yourself completely to honour the Divine within.

In being yourself, you are a blessing to the world! Do not look in the mirror and exclaim to yourself how you wished your skin was tauter, your breasts larger, your waist narrower or your thighs more shapely. Look in the mirror and affirm that this body is perfect. Express gratitude to it for being your best friend that stays with you every moment of life.

Think about all the hard work this body does for you. It digests all the extra food or drinks you might put into it, it goes through sleepless nights, it walks and runs for you even if it hasn’t received a morsel of food. And yet we treat this beautiful body with such disdain and criticism!

Everyone is hungry for a little love, and so are our bodies. Give your body some love by nourishing it with good healthy food. Become more aware of its needs by listening to what it tells you. Pain in the body is only an indication that you are doing something wrong to it.

Do not pop another pill and complain how your body is always having some problem or another. Instead, give love to it and listen to its needs.

Celebrate your body by accepting it the way it is! Nourish it with wholesome food, adequate sleep, and exercise. Dress it well and appreciate it. Your body will then be your loyal and humble servant for life.

Try practicing self-acceptance by standing in front of the mirror daily, looking deeply into your own eyes, say to yourself, “l love you;  you are perfect, you are absolutely beautiful and gorgeous.” This might be a little difficult to do in the beginning but with practice, it shall start coming naturally.

A simple exercise like this, in self-acceptance and self-love, can heal many diseases of the body and even solve relationship problems. Practice and you will find out for yourself!

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