Featuring in this months Women of Sensual Seed Conversation is an insight into the life of Liz Smith.  Liz is a coach, writer, meditation and group facilitator and the Founder of The Connected Life.  Liz supports women wishing to cultivate daily practices that foster a calmer mind, steady heart and deeper connection with self.

Having walked the path of her clients, Liz brings an empathy and understanding of the shifts required to facilitate the process of inner transformation for greater calm, clarity and ease in daily life. With her qualifications and experience as a certified Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, Liz brings together her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, self-inquiry, healing and self-care to positively impact the well-being of women.

Where do you live & what do you love about living there?

I live not far from the port city Fremantle, Western Australia. My family and I are still new to the suburb, having moved in April last year following an intuitive whisper. In 18 short months this location is proving to be an incredibly connected and supportive community. I’m also very appreciative that I live closer to the river as water has always felt so nourishing to me.

How do you start your day?

Slowly and with intention. My day begins early with meditative breathwork. Once I’m up the next part of my routine includes the Ayurveda practices of tongue scrapping, oil pulling, Nasya oil sniffing, self-massage if time permits, shower and a cup of warm water. Then I get my body moving gently with a series of shadow yoga rotations (these practices are relatively new for me).

Following rotations I meditate and pull a card for the day ahead. I also make time to connect with hubby before he leaves for work, then it’s on to breakfast and tending to my children. An hour of solitude each morning provides a steady foundation, from which I can serve both my family and community each day.

Favourite season?

Whilst I have a love and appreciation of every season, it is Spring that has my heart. There is something unique about the rebirth that takes place following the introspection and illumination of Winter. An opportunity for rebirth is never one to be missed! Sowing seeds of possibility. Seeing our internal processes reflected in nature. The blossom trees budding. There is so much to love about Spring.

One thing that might surprise people about you?

I am intensely private. I often found it hard to connect with others on a surface level. The desire to go deep has always come naturally to me. It is only since I’ve accepted this aspect of myself that I have found a new ease in being who I am; connected to myself, Spirit and connected to all.

Your favourite Sensual Seed card? Why? 

Well that’s an easy answer, my favourite card is Connection. This word has made its presence known throughout my journey, not the least of which grew into The Connected Life. It is connection within ourselves, Spirit and a community that sustains and supports growth as we stretch into who we are.

One defining moment in your life?

There have been a few, yet nothing quite like my first awakening experience in 2012. I am only now getting around to penning this story in blog form. I hope to share more of this soon.

What does self-care mean to you?

It means knowing myself. Knowing my edges and the boundaries needed to sustain my well-being. It also means knowing (and making time for) the practices that support me when my edges are pushed and squeezed upon.

You can connect with Liz at The Connected Life www.theconnectedlife.net.au and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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