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In today’s day and age, women are made to believe that they must keep giving even if their own cup runs empty. It’s not surprising that most women end up feeling deeply unhappy and resentful.

The thing is that giving is a masculine energy trait. Feminine energy is receptive. If you are constantly giving, then you are present in your masculine too much.

From now on, focus on receiving just as much as you focus on giving, if not more.

Here is how you can master the feminine art of receiving with grace:

The Masculine Loves to Serve

The masculine takes great delight in serving and in being needed. In today’s society, masculine men are targeted just as much as feminine women are. It’s painful for a masculine man to watch a woman suffer (like when you are carrying super heavy grocery bags to your car).

We have also been conditioned to believe that every time a man offers to help in any way, he is looking to get something in return. This is a very negative mindset.

Most masculine men take great delight in serving for the sake of it. You don’t have to return the favour. Your feminine energy is itself a great asset. Whoever comes in your presence feels enriched by the beauty of your energy.

So next time a man wants to do something for you, let him do it. There’s nothing you need to do except graciously accept his gift and perhaps offer a heart-felt ‘thank you’ from your side.

Every Time Someone Offers You Something with Sincerity, Think of it as a Beautifully Wrapped Present

What would you do if someone came to you with a beautifully wrapped gift and presented it with a smile on their face? You’ll feel terrible turning it down, wouldn’t you? 

Every time someone offers you something (with sincerity and pure intention), don’t refuse it. Receive their gift with an open heart and sincere gratitude.

Don’t feel guilty about receiving their gift because when someone is offering you something from their heart, it is a gesture of love. They are essentially offering their love to you in the form of an object or service.

Even if you don’t give anything material back to them, you are still serving them in a special way by accepting their love. Besides, being around you and getting to experience your feminine energy enriches others. As a feminine woman, your radiance and illuminated aura are the greatest blessings to this world.

Accept Compliments with Grace and Gratitude

Most women are very uncomfortable with receiving compliments. Next time, when someone gives you a compliment instead of downplaying it, try saying, “Thank you.” It might not be easy at first but the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

If you have a really hard time receiving compliments, then consider starting a compliment diary for yourself .

Every day, write down at least ten things that you genuinely like about yourself. They don’t have to be big things. You can include something small like you are grateful for your strong fingernails or your flexible foot that allows you to dance.

The point is to challenge yourself to come up with something new every day. By doing this daily, you will start appreciating yourself more deeply. Once you become comfortable receiving compliments from your own self, you will also start enjoying receiving compliments from others.

Also, don’t feel guilty about hogging the limelight when someone compliments you. Look at it in a different way; you are illuminating yourself and the other person with your radiance when you respond with a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for their compliments.

Ask for Help

This is another one that almost all women struggle with. We are conditioned to believe that we should be doing it all without asking for any help. What women don’t realise is that most of the time other people are eager to help them – they just have to ask for it.

Next time, you are struggling with something just ask someone for help. Most of the time, you will be surprised by how eager others are to help. This is especially true for masculine men who really enjoy making women’s lives easier.

Don’t ever feel guilty about receiving help. It blesses the other person just as much as it blesses you. Your feminine energy nurtures them – by simply being in your presence they receive a priceless gift.

Receiving Touch

In today’s society, most people are very uncomfortable with any form of touch. We should indeed be cautious of ‘bad touch’ and stay away from people with impure intentions. But we are talking more about being fully present in the moment when you do touch someone or someone touches you with good intentions. 

Like, when you are shaking hands with someone imagine as if you are receiving their positivity and goodwill in your heart. When someone hugs you, visualise a merging of both your energy fields – your heart becoming one with theirs.

In the same way, when you get intimate with your partner receive them at both the energetic and the physical level by visualising both your souls merging into one.

Be Energetically More Receptive 

Even when we aren’t physically touching another person, our aura is constantly making contact with the aura of other people who come near us. Practice being more receptive to the warmth and love others radiate to you.

Like, when you are listening to someone and they are saying something that feels good to your heart, visualise receiving their words as a pink ball of energy into your heart.

In order to keep any negative energetic influences away, every day, after finishing your morning meditation, set the intention that there is an electric blue light surrounding your aura. Only the purest of the purest energy can come through it. If any negative energy touches the electric blue shield, it bounces and goes into the Universe where it can be purified.

Receive Abundance from the Universe

Everything comes from the Universe. Let go of all your limiting beliefs and start fully trusting that indeed all things are possible. There are no limits in the Universe – all limitations exist only within the mind. Make a list of everything you want – don’t worry about how it will all happen.

Take action to turn your dreams into reality but let go of your attachment to the final outcome. You will be amazed by the miracles you will start experiencing. Our fears and limiting beliefs make us non-receptive to the blessings that the Universe is constantly sending towards us. The more you can let go of them, the more abundant your life will become.

Also, don’t hesitate in asking the Universe for everything you want – big or small. No desire is too small or too big for the Universe to fulfil.

Trust and let go – be fully present in the moment. This is the feminine energy way of becoming a magnet for attracting all that’s wonderful and glorious in this world.

About the Writer:

Ankita Singh is a self-help and motivational author dedicated to making a difference through the wisdom of her own experiences.  She lives her talk and walks her talk, taking pride in defying convention to chase after and materialise all her big and small dreams.

Along with a natural zeal and enthusiasm for life, she is quick to laughter and has a deep passion for health and fitness. Owing to her keen interest in making life better in every possible way, she also holds certifications in alternative wellness modalities like Yoga, Meditation, EFT, Silva Mind Technique and Reiki.

You can connect with Ankita via email: beautiful-life@gmx.com

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