Life is a series of choices. In every moment, there is a choice – you can either make it magical or you can live another drab and ordinary day. Most people live their entire life waiting for something big to happen, not realising that their true power lies in changing their perception of the here and now.

Here are a few tips for weaving some magic into an ordinary day to make it another magnificent celebration of your existence on this beautiful planet:

Start Your Day with Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful force that will attract more of everything that you are grateful for. Never forget that the Law of Attraction brings to you everything that you put your emotional energy into. If you want more happiness in your life, then find something to be happy about at this very moment.

Be Generous with Your Smile

Smile at yourself in the mirror and smile at everyone you meet throughout the day.

Also, try doing something to bring a smile to someone’s face. Even the smallest act of generosity, like giving someone a genuine compliment, can have the ability to change their life.

Spread Love and Happiness

Everything you choose to give will surely come back to you multiplied. Therefore, imagine your heart as an ocean of infinite love and happiness. Every day, do at least one totally selfless act of kindness for someone who can’t repay you back. You will be amazed by how this very simple act can completely transform your day and attitude towards life. After all, there is nothing more deeply rewarding and fulfilling about being an instrument of happiness for someone else.

Build a Ritual Out of Your Routine

Routines are drab but every ritual is a celebration of life. Turn your routine activities into rituals by doing them with mindfulness.  Take the time to appreciate the food that you are eating, smell the flowers, allow yourself to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you walk to work. These are just examples – the point is to experience everything using all your five senses.

Pause several times a day to ask yourself if you are using all your senses to fully experience that moment.

Choose to See the Glass Half-Full

No matter how bad your day might be going, there is always something to be grateful for. If nothing, then you can be grateful for simply being alive. Don’t ever forget that the Universe will always bring to you that which you give importance to. If you dwell too much on the negative, then the negativity will magnify.

Therefore, change your focus to change your life.

Make Time for What’s Truly Important

Most people are rushing through life with not a spare moment to sit and appreciate that which they have within this moment. Think about why you are working so hard – isn’t it so that you can live a comfortable and enjoyable life? Then how can you not have time to take care of your body and to spend time with the people you love?

Make time for that which truly matters. This day and this moment is all you have because the past is an illusion and the future hasn’t arrived yet!

About The Writer:

Ankita is the author of the Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck and is a self-help and motivational author dedicated to making a difference through the wisdom of her own experiences.  She lives her talk and walks her talk, taking pride in defying convention to chase after and materialise all her big and small dreams.  She has a deep passion for health and fitness. Owing to her keen interest in making life better in every possible way, she also holds certifications in alternative wellness modalities like Yoga, Meditation, EFT, Silva Mind Technique and Reiki.

You can connect with Ankita via email:

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