You scribe words on to clouds for all to see

Beautiful images on delicate parchment

There for those that dare look up

Before the wind tumbles them into oblivion

Look up you say

Why won’t they look up?


You scatter messages across mountain tops

Attached to the leaves of the mountain ash

And hung so delicately from the fronds of tree ferns

Ripe fruit swaying with sweet potential there for the taking

Pick them you say

Why won’t they pick them?


You cast ideas into the foaming froth of the shore break

The sea hungry to devour the sparks of creativity

Bobbing close to the shoreline just beyond reach

Throwing up rainbows as they tumble in the waves

Swept out into the dark depths to nourish the sea life

Swim for them you say

Why won’t they swim for them?


You cast sweet melodies into tumbling streams

Water and subliminal messages cascading over xylophone rocks

An orchestral burble that sings of nature and hope

A hum that winds its way to the sea to become a whale song

Listen you say

Why won’t they listen?


You wrap hope and love in seeds and plant them deep

Not into Mother Earth but her daughters

Greening the fecundity of the future

Seeds bursting into bright little buds of possibility

Harvest them you say

Why won’t they harvest them?


You cast your dreams into the sky so they scatter like stars

Lost amongst the cosmic dust in the vacuum of space

In the stillness a shooting star crosses the sky

That’s someone who looked up

Another burns with brilliance

That’s someone who swam for it

And still more arc with fiery tails

Those that picked and those that listened

All coming together with such love and brightness

To harvest a Sensual Seed


Words: B Ditchfield


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