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I want to invite you to live every day with intention and purpose. When you become fully present in the current moment, you start to notice the magic that is unfolding within and around you right now.

You experience beauty in everything – it touches something very deep inside you. In turn, nurturing and healing your soul.

It’s the recognition and internalisation of this beauty that leads to great joy. You can make every day the best day of your life by awakening yourself to the magic of the moment.

Here are some practical tips to add greater joie de vivre to everyday life.

Be Grateful – Be grateful for every moment that has been gifted to you. Gratitude is the most powerful form of prayer. It will open the doorway to greater abundance. By living with a thankful heart, you are sending a message into the Universe that you are ready to receive more wonderful things to be grateful for.

Positive Morning Ritual – Start your day by counting your blessings. Do this even before you get out of bed. Think about at least 3 things you are grateful for and write them down in your journal. I want to encourage you to come up with something new every day. This way you will train yourself to appreciate both the big and the small things in life.

Dress Up, Show Up – We all get dressed up for special occasions. Why not consider making every day of life a special occasion. Wear your best clothes every day. Well, yes, I agree you can’t wear a ball gown to the office but that silk shirt you have been saving for some day in the future – go for it!

Turn Everyday Chores into Fun Rituals – Everyday chores can seem like a drag. At the end of the day, we all have to cook, clean, run to the supermarket, wash our laundry, etc. The real art of living lies in turning these mundane tasks into fun rituals. Assign a time and a day to do different tasks. Make a list of everything that is fun for you, and then try to tie them up with your chores.  The point is to turn chores into delightful rituals. For instance, create a cleaning ritual where you dance while vacuuming the living room.

Take the Time to Pause – Don’t live life in a hurry. Take the time to pause many times throughout the day. While putting food into your mouth, pause to reflect on the aroma, the taste, the texture. While walking down the street, pause to admire and absorb the beauty of that lone bird sitting on a branch.  At night, take the time to watch the stars and the moon – for some reason, this is incredibly healing.

Spend Time with Your Loved Ones – Ensure that you are taking out at least some time every day to nurture the most important relationships in your life.

Connect with Nature – We come from nature and dissolve back in Nature. Nature has the power to soothe and heal our souls. I suggest that you do something every day to connect with nature. Like, walk bare feet on the sandy beach, fill your bath with scented flowers, tend to your garden, or whatever else gives you joy. You can also enjoy surrounding yourself with flowers or as many indoor plants as you can.

In the end, just remember that every day is a blessing and every moment is special!  With the right mental attitude, you can turn daily life into a sensual experience.


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