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How do you cultivate empowerment in your life?

Begin with believing in YOU.

Find quiet times with yourself and be one with your breaths.

Visualise how strong you have been ~ going through life with resilience.

Recognise the fact that your life is not perfect but you have the power to visualise your dreams and make them really happen.

Write in your journal about moments that make you feel powerful ~

  • conquering a fear
  • saying sorry
  • forgiving someone that has hurt you, or
  • standing up for what you believe in

Writing these down allows you to have a space for deeply reflecting on what you have experienced and achieved so far.

Move your body through exercise, dancing, yoga…

Through this exploration, you can find out the capacity of your body and the flexibility of your spirit.

As you stretch a bit harder even your body feels a bit sore, you’ll realise that you can do so much more.

You are empowered.

Your fire lies within.

Go here to empower yourself further.

A collaboration between @sensualseed @saltsonder

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