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What is visible is often not the truth. 

Look underneath appearances to find out what is True

One thing that has truly helped me through a dark night of my soul is a nightly seed meditation practice.  

I knew that I needed something to pull me out of this dark space.  I needed to find the light within my own heart to get back in touch with my true self.

It has been more than 4 years since I began this ritual.  I would write down one word that represented what I was feeling that day on handmade paper I had crafted. I would contemplate what the word meant to me, what images it evoked, and write down everything that came to me spontaneously allowing the words to flow naturally and effortlessly.

Through this practice I found comfort, self-acceptance and assurance that everything was working out for my highest good. I felt empowered as it became easier and more natural for me to believe in my potential and to trust my inner guidance.

Looking back, I know that this is where the sowing of the seeds for the creation of the Sensual Seed oracle card deck happened – my gift to women. The image below holds my seed meditations from 2012.

Remember that healing starts with a desire to feel better, along with the willingness and courage to take responsibility and look inside.  

Inside you there is a treasure, it is your greatest gift and it’s been waiting for you your whole life. The path that leads you to this treasure is the path of unconditional love towards your own Self.

When we love ourselves completely and unconditionally, something miraculous happens.

Everything falls into place – people, relationships, situations, everything.  

I hope that through Sensual Seed oracle cards you will also experience this magical return to love that I have experienced.

With love, Christine x

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