As you let go of all attachments, your spirit shall soar on the wings of true freedom. Allow yourself to become completely spirited!

Detachment is the key to a happy life! No, it does not mean, not loving the people who matter to you. Nor does it mean not having desires. It simply means loving without attachments — to desire but to not be attached with the outcome of your desires.

In detachment, you still love from the core of your heart but are not attached to how the people you love react to you. If they love you back, it is wonderful. If they don’t, even then you are happy to have loved with all your heart and Soul.

It is the same way with your desires. You express and visualise the fulfilment of your desires but are not attached to the outcome. In an attachment, you will be worried, you will be flooded with doubts, you will question your worthiness. In detachment, you just know that what is meant for you has to come to you; you learn to rejoice at the fulfilment of your desires even before they have materialised in physical reality.

Practising unconditional love with detachment is a powerful experience because it heals the giver and the receiver. Only when you love without conditions and are not clinging to anyone to give that love back to you are you truly empowered. You are free because you have snapped all the emotional shackles that keep you tied to toxic relationships.

Practise detachment by allowing all your attachments to dissolve. You shall then become free. And then, in your freedom, you shall soar high in the skies of eternal happiness becoming truly spirited in your awakened Divinity!

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