You are glorious, you are magnificent. Honour the divinity within.

Do not let any self-doubt come near you. You are beautiful, you are glorious, you are magnificent. The world is your oyster because YOU are the Divine Feminine in manifestation. Allow yourself to simply be! The Universe is within you and the power to manifest  miracles lies within your own heart. Indeed, you have the ability to create everything you want. Do not blame others or situations for anything. When we blame, we act from a place of the ego that makes us lose touch with our True Self. Only our True Self has the ability to create miracles.

The more we purify our consciousness, the more powerful our True Self becomes. Purity of heart and purity of intention are crucial for turning dreams into reality. Allow your manifestation powers to grow by concentrating your mind on your goals. Ask yourself; what is it that you most want?

Visualise that you have already received what you desire. Feel the happiness in every cell of your body, rejoice in your heart and express gratitude to the Universe in advance. By doing this, you are aligning yourself with the energy of fulfilment, and, in such a state, every wish you make shall be granted. Seek and it shall be given!

Allow the magnificence of your heart to grow. Let unconditional love flow from the core of your being. As you love others — family, friends and strangers — your life heals. When your life heals, all your desires receive fulfilment. Once all your mortal desires are fulfilled, you begin to realise that which you hadn’t realised before. What is it that is truly worth seeking, what is it that gives eternal happiness? The answer lies within your own heart because the fountain of love, happiness and joy, is, in truth, inside.

Therefore, allow the magnificence of your heart to grow!

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