You are gorgeous, you are beautiful. Appreciate who you are in the totality of your being!

From childhood we are taught to belittle ourselves! We are trained to practise self-rejection and self-denial. Why; why should you do this to yourself? You are a perfect child of the Universe. You are gorgeous, you are beautiful; and you have every right to feel gorgeous and beautiful! Whoever tells you otherwise just doesn’t have the ability to see the Truth.

As women, we are so used to finding faults in ourselves and in our bodies. How can something divinely created ever be imperfect? How can your body and You be anything less than gorgeous?

Perform a simple exercise by taking a piece of paper and writing down at least twenty things that are wonderful about you as a person and twenty things you love about your body. Read this every day, affirming, “1 am beautiful, I am wonderful, I am gorgeous, I deserve to be loved, I am loved, I am content.

Every day thank your body for helping you get this experience of Life. Tell your body that it is the most beautiful body you could have ever had; and that you are so grateful, you are so happy to have it as yours. This might be difficult at first, but over time, it will all begin to come naturally.

Once you begin living from such a place of tremendous love and gratitude, then no disease will be able to come near you. You will notice that you have even lost those few pounds that seemed impossible to get rid of. You will notice that your skin is clearer than before and that even your eyes are brighter than they ever were.

Love your body, love yourself. Compliment your body, compliment yourself. You are the best, and you deserve only the best!

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