Take better care of your physical and spiritual well-being. Let your face and being glow with health and beauty!

All little girls are taught lessons in self-sacrifice. By the time we become women, we forget what we like, what we enjoy. Our life becomes all about taking care of others. It is time to rise above this self-annihilation and begin to take better care of your health and well-being.

Take up a hobby that you enjoy and devote some time to it every day. It will nurture your spirit and bring you in touch with your Soul’s voice that has remained suppressed for so long.

Do not feel guilty about taking care of your own Self. Only when you are healthy and happy can you give the gift of good health and happiness to others. Place your needs before the needs of others. It is not selfish; it is an important lesson in self-love. Only when you have total self-acceptance and infinite self-love can you extend that love and acceptance to another Soul.

Without self-love, relationships become suffocating with dependency. If you place others’ needs ahead of yours, you begin to depend upon them for your own happiness. Such dependency ruins relationships and leaves you feeling parched for love and affection. When you nurture yourself, you also nurture your relationships. When you glow with joy, the lives of all those around you shall also be lit up.

Start by taking a day off for yourself to pamper your beautiful body and Soul! Get a massage, relax at home, take a sunbath, read your favourite book, cook a special dinner for yourself; do whatever you love doing most. Let your body and your being glow with good health and happiness!

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