You are not alone; the entire Universe is by your side. Allow yourself to feel strong and empowered!

It is in those times, when you are feeling your loneliest or weakest, that you most need your own support. Know that how others act towards you is only a magnified reflection of how you treat your own Self.

If you are feeling lonely and unloved, then, understand that only you have the power to change things because it is only the Self that is the source of infinite power. The outside world is a mere reflection of the inner world. If you want love from the people around you, then you will have to first love and accept yourself unconditionally. Others will soon begin to reflect that love and acceptance back to you.

Feel worthy of love and tell yourself that you deserve only the best. Trust in your abilities and talents. Always believe that you can materialise whatever you want. It is not other people who provide you with love and comfort but the power of your subconscious that makes it all possible.

When you are empowered with such unconditional love towards the Self, and practise total self-acceptance, you are, indeed, One with the entire Universe. In such a state, you feel complete and do not feel the need to depend on others.

And when you feel complete within your own self, the portal for truly fulfilling relationships to enter your life also opens up. Other also become more loving towards us simply because you are no longer leaning on them for the fulfilment of your needs.

Always remember, you are strong and you are, indeed, supported by the infinite Universe, which dwells within your own heart. Just keep charging ahead fearlessly towards the fulfilment of your Soul Purpose. Nothing can prevent you from getting what you want!

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