All your dreams are about to come true. Retain your faith and keep your hopes high.

You have the ability to make all your dreams come true. Your mind is a powerful tool for manifestation that can materialise anything you desire. Let go of all your fears, doubts and inhibitions. You are a child of the infinite Universe; you have a right to acquire everything you wish for!

Just hold on to your dreams and visualise their fulfilment. Spend a few minutes every day consciously dreaming and feeling the fulfilment of your long-standing desires. See everything happening in the present, witness the emotions you feel, allow them to pulsate throughout your being.

As you do this, you raise your vibrational frequency to match the frequency of your long-standing dreams. When energies match, fulfilment automatically happens.

At night, when you go to bed, set the intention to dream about already living in the fulfilment of your desires.

Also, if there is any problem that you are not able to solve using your conscious mind, ask to receive the solution in a dream. This is a very powerful practice. You would most likely end up receiving the best and most creative solution to your problems. Often, it would be something you hadn’t even thought about.

On the other hand, if you are having bad dreams or nightmares, make sure that you turn off all electronic devices, at least, one hour before bedtime. Spend some time reading inspiring literature. Meditate in order to connect with the unconditional love of your own heart. Your subconscious will be positively influenced and all negativity will get released.

Most importantly, trust that some of your greatest dreams are about to be fulfilled. Retain the faith and it shall soon enter your physical Reality!

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