Do not suppress your desires. Acknowledge, accept and pray for the fulfilment of your true desires.

We are spiritual beings undergoing a human experience. Before we took birth, we had wishes to be fulfilled and desires to be materialised. And that was the primary reason behind our coming into this world.

When we are children we have some memory of our True Self, who
chose to have this life exactly the way it is, but the older we get, the further we move away from our own Truth. We lose touch with our
Soul Purpose; we forget the very reason for which we came into
this world.

Remember, every desire you harbour is an experience your Soul has long craved to have. Denying it, only leads to an unfulfilled life. The vicious cycle of life and death continues only because we fail to break the cycle of desiring and then suppressing our desires. We feel overwhelmed with our desires, and yet ashamed and guilty that they exist.

It is time to accept all your desires without guilt and shame. Whatever you wish for has to happen. Do not block the energies of manifestation by judging your desires. All your burning desires and wishes that are in alignment with your highest good shall be fulfilled!

Their fulfilment is supported by the Universe. Instead of suppressing them and doubting their fulfilment, visualise that things are happening exactly the way you want them to turn out. Whatever it is that you have been craving for has come to you and is now yours. Make sure that you always visualise in the language of the present.

But above all, let yourself become a receptacle of Universal unconditional love, because where unconditional love flows, there every human desire receives its fulfilment. Do not worry; whatever you wish for is destined to be yours!

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