Let go of all fears. Your highest hopes are supported by the Universe.

If this card has appeared in your reading, then you might have been going through some difficult times lately. While it may seem like your suffering will never end, trust that good times are about to come. Something wonderful is on its way even if you can’t see it right now!

Remember that times of great difficulty and distress are blessings in disguise as they are also opportunities for self-growth and positive transformation. When the heartbreaks, it also opens up to giving and receiving greater love.

Keep charging ahead; don’t let your faith dwindle. Have faith that everything you wish for will come to you. Trust that these difficult times will soon be over.

Remember, problems are nothing but manifestations of our own negativity on the physical plane. The moment you allow the light of Spirit to illuminate your life, diseases and suffering vanish instantly.

Whatever problem you may have, do not forget that nothing lasts forever. Change is the only constant you will ever know. Every moment allows yourself to change for the better. Embrace all the transformations that move you closer to your Truth.

If you are feeling weak and think that you just cannot go on, ask the Universe to take away your burden. Visualise yourself collecting all your problems and sufferings into a large black bag. Forcefully, release this bag into Space. You will immediately feel lighter.

Do not give up on your dreams. Keep charging ahead fearlessly. Everything you wish for will come to you in divine timing!

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