Abundance surrounds you. Allow yourself to become the Receiver.

There is plenty in the Universe for everyone. Let go of all limiting beliefs. Release all ideas of lack and poverty. Money is only an energetic manifestation of the idea of abundance. You can create as much of it as you want, only if you allow yourself to be in alignment with your True Self. The True Self has infinite potential but fear paralyses the true potential of the Soul. When you live from a place of love, there is no fear, there is no scarcity.

Abundance surrounds you even at this moment. Allow yourself to become abundant because you deserve to be abundant. Do not accept the fears that others try to instil in you. When you feel fearful, consciously replace it with the emotion of love and plenty. With this new attitude, you shall never have any scarcity in life.

Visualise receiving whatever you wish for. For instance, if it is money that you desire, then see yourself counting the cash you want to have. See yourself spending it the way you want to.

But remember; do not hoard your abundance. Share the grace you

receive with others. Only then, shall the river of abundance remain flowing uninterrupted.

Do not block the energies by asking when and how it shall all come. Trust that what is yours will find a way of coming to you at tthe right time. Make yourself the receiver. But always remember, wishing and visualisation goes hand-in-hand. Decide what you want and direct all your energy into manifesting it.

No disease is big enough; no scarcity is large enough; when the infinite Love of the Universe flows through you and into your life. Nothing but love, abundance and joy shall prevail then. Let it all come to you!!

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