The last image of the Sensual Seed Oracle card deck, ‘Shine,’ has a story precious to my heart. This image was painted by my daughter, Holly, as part of her art class, when she was 13.  Upon its arrival home, ‘Shine’ first hung on Holly’s bedroom wall.  But as the years went by, this painting somehow landed in storage and stayed there until one day, while cleaning, I rediscovered it.

I felt captivated by its beauty, and decided that a worthy place for this ethereal piece of artwork was on our staircase. Since then, there has never been a day when I haven’t stopped at least for a few moments to admire it. Sometimes this painting reminds me to acknowledge and admire all the wonders that surround me, sometimes it has felt like it soothes my heart, and other times it makes me rejoice in being me. Each time it is a different experience, but most importantly, no matter how far we may be, just looking at this painting, makes me feel close to my daughter.  In the shining Angel of this image, I see the brilliance of Holly’s beautiful soul.

When the artist of the oracle cards, Amanda, was struggling to come up with the final image, we both realised that the Angel would complement the deck beautifully.

I am deeply grateful to Holly for giving me this priceless gift. She does not know what this painting means to me and just how inspiring she is.

As a gift to all the wonderful women in this world, I am sharing something that is so meaningful to me as the last image of the Sensual Seed Oracle Card deck.  There is something symbolic about choosing this image as the last one in the deck as it represents the radiance of the Divine feminine, who is manifested in all our bodies, and yet in whom all our souls merge to become One!

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