Signature Insight Session




Are you struggling with self-doubt, lack of confidence and can’t move forward? I know how hard it can be coping on your own.

This 45 minute insight session will bring you back into sensual resonance with your Divine Feminine Truth so that you can move forward from a place of ease, enjoyment and love.

Simply come with an open mind and the intention of receiving healing and insight. You will discover greater clarity and peace of mind and reconnect with your authentic Feminine Power.

I use my deep empathy and over 15 years of experience as a Professional Counsellor and Hypnotherapist to understand your individual needs. My approach is gentle and heart based, providing nurturing support over a relaxed chat.

Once payment has been received, you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar to schedule your session. 

I’m here for you!

(Based in Melbourne, Australia and working with women worldwide)

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