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When the first ray of sunshine touches your skin, you can surely feel this wonderful energy; this natural source of joy and beauty so infinite and giving. Hold on to this feeling – believe that this sustains you – that you can shine naturally.

You and I are most beautiful in natural light. Though the current times may lure us of moving away from authenticity and finding thick masks to wear, the sunlight is and will always be there to remind us to stay calm, take a pause, and look from within. Our planet, this universe is abundant of constant reminders that all we need is to just glow with the flow.

Here are ways on how to shine naturally in and out:

Find time to catch some sunshine

Never be afraid to go to the sea to dip, to swim, to get some golden skin

Walk, sprint, run, and dance barefooted

Laugh unguarded

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Feast on the harvest of the season.

Drink lots of water

Cry happy tears

Cry heartaches away

Celebrate your goosebumps

Celebrate the butterflies in your stomach

Rub natural body scrub on your skin: used coffee grinds

Make use of turmeric powder as a facial mask

Lather virgin coconut oil on your body

Use virgin coconut oil on your hair

Take naps in your favourite spot

Nap on a hammock by the sea/in the forest/under a tree

Reflect on the beauty and grace of everyday

Eat slowly, eat mindfully

Eat your heart out and be grateful


Hug someone you love everyday; hug someone you don’t know sometimes

Wear something you feel comfortable in

Linger in the shower

Receive praises and compliments humbly

Be generous with kind words


Make flower tea your morning drink

Befriend necessary stress

Feel free to daydream

Let your dreams flutter and find you

Pick wildflowers and decorate them on your hair

Marvel at sunrises and sunsets

Give yourself time for solitude

Wish on stars


Rest and relax

Welcome idleness


Cultivate a hobby, a sport, a healthy habit

Surround yourself with hearty influences and hopeful friends

Love unconditionally

These are just some of the many natural things you can do to keep shining on from the core. You can add to the list and enjoy the ride!

Be reminded that life is such a flow of beautiful rhythm. Gliding through with this natural infinite flow allows you to grow in tune with the universe, with your inner sun.

About the Writer:

Kristine Buenavista breathes verses at sensualseed.com. She is the co-founder of Hawid-panublion– a non-profit organization that works closely with the indigenous women weavers of Nagpana Village in Barotac Viejo, Iloilo, Philippines. You can sit with her on the shore at SaltandSonder.com

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