Embrace your Divinity

“You Are The Love You’ve Been Searching For”


Welcome beautiful💕


I’m grateful that you’ve taken a moment to join me here; your presence means alot.


As women, we often prioritise the needs and desires of others, yet when we embrace ourselves as our own cherished lover, we harmonise the yin and yang of our essence, stepping into true empowerment.


The Sensual Seed Oracle Deck is a precious offering created from my heart to yours, a companion on your journey to awaken the divine feminine.  Through this experience, may you soften into self-trust, discover peace within, and return to the essence of love.


If the desire to delve deeper arises, I invite you to write to me and together let’s create a space for meaningful connection.


With love


Christine x

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How the cards can help you

Developing Self-Acceptance and Confidence


You can’t love anyone else until you bring yourself to fully love and accept your own self. When you are immersed in self-love, you exude an aura of quiet self-assurance. The wisdom contained in these cards will inspire self-love and confidence in you.


Finding Comfort and Assurance


We all crave comfort and assurance at times when life seems to be less than fulfilling. Sensual Seed Oracle Card deck is like a best friend who is always around to give you a warm hug and the comforting assurance that everything will be ok.


Celebrating Your Individuality


There is no one like you, there was no one like you, and there will never be anyone like you. Through the Sensual Seed Oracle Card deck, you learn to recognise and fully accept your own uniqueness. After all, what makes you gorgeous – both inside and out – is the fact that there is only one YOU.


Bringing Happiness and Joy to You


Start every day and end every night with the Sensual Seed Oracle Card deck. Embrace the wisdom that the cards bring to you – soon you will be amazed by how joyous and full of happiness your life becomes.


Reclaiming Your Power and Potential


When you internalise the wisdom of the cards, you start to realise that YOU are the creator of your life script and the shaper of your destiny. No matter what your life is like right now, you can transform it to become what you want it to be. Sensual Seed Oracle Card deck is there to guide you along the path to a new life of greater joy and boundless abundance.


Embracing and Rejoicing in Your Beauty


If you don’t already know this, then let me tell you now: You are BEAUTIFUL. Your outer being is just as beautiful as your inner soul. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. Sensual Seed Oracle Card deck serves as a constant reminder to this truth. It empowers and encourages you to accept how beautiful you are because you deserve it!


Connecting with The Source


The Source, or the Universe, is the reservoir of all power. When you are connected with the Source, you yourself feel powerful and self-assured. You know that only good things can happen to you, and soon your belief starts shaping a new reality for you.


So rich, beautiful + filled with wisdom.

I'm so loving this beautiful new card deck. The cards are so rich, beautiful + filled with wisdom from the Divine Feminine which lives in us all. They create a gorgeous start to my day.

Julie Parker

 Julie Parker, Speaker/Author/Priestess

A gift for my partner

I just received your cards in the mail. They were a gift for my partner, who's also named Christine & who is a teacher & healer! These cards are going to be perfect for her & she absolutely loves them. We were both so happy to receive your handwritten note as well! What a nice surprise. Thank you very much. Love & Blessings.

Stephen Fry

Admiring the beauty of the cards

Thank you so much for the cards! I feel like a kid arriving home with the best ever lollie bag after a party! In bed with my hot choc admiring the beauty of these! Well done, you are truly amazing and what a gift to so many people! Thank you, thank you.


The cards are so inspiring.

Just wanted to say big thank you for my oracle cards, they were definitely the highlight of last night for me. I took them to work today and showed the girls and they all pulled a card for themselves and (of course) the cards are never wrong…they all loved it. I feel so inspired by you and you should be so proud of what you have created because they are absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy to own them.


They are spectacular

I have done several readings with the Sensual Seed Oracle Cards and they have been spectacular! Thank you!


They're really beautiful.

They're really beautiful - my aunty will love them. I'll keep them in mind for Xmas gifts too when I get to that - congrats on a great project!


Can't wait to use them with my clients

My daughter loves the cards. She loved the artwork, the words and everything, she said they would be perfect as a gift for her friends and wants her own deck You are definitely on to a winner. I am so pleased that you gifted them to me and I can’t wait to use them with my clients and show them off to the world.


Absolutely amazing deck!

An absolutely amazing Oracle Card Deck! Full of boundless wisdom, insight and energy.


Dear Christine and Sensual Seed Family,

I would like to thank you so much for sending the Oracle so quickly! I’ve just received it today and it is beyond my wildest expectations. The quality, thought, intention, detail and love put into the deck is phenomenal.

I’ve loved reading about your story Christine, and the whole reason why you created this gorgeous Oracle. It definitely serves its purpose well and I’m positive anyone that gets their hands on it will be more than impressed.

I would also like to quickly thank you for the additional rose quartz hear - of course the vibration is full of love. The packaging was also just stunning.

Keep up the amazing work.

Within you blessings and the best of hopes.

Warmest regards,


The very moment I opened the box, I felt so alive. I had godbumps (yes I call it godbumps not goosebumps). From then on my mornings have become sacred. It is as if I am conversing to my most authentic self and I am being reminded that I have wakened up to love, beauty, and abundance. 

Kristine Buenavista

I play with mine every morning, love them, so beautiful. I pick one every morning as soon as I wake up & put it up on my bathroom wall so i see it throughout the day. Lovely affirmation cards. 


 I LOVE the cards. I use them in the morning to center myself. I do the Daily Insight.

Denise Guzman

I just gifted my best friend a deck of your Sensual Seed Oracle Cards for her birthday....it was Perfect!!! I think both she and I will be gifting all our friend your deck this year.

Mary Philloppou

This deck of cards...Sensual Seed is really extraordinary in beauty, depth, and in connecting with oneself. There is nothing else like them and they FEEL so good!!!


Your deck is my absolute favourite as it is so magical. I am going to use it in my first sisterhood circle next week

Feli Singkang

Bonjour Christine thank you very much for yesterday I enjoyed every single minute I only pray and hope to have these meetings more often 💝🌈

Jenny Michel

Thanks so much Chrissie!

I sure will. I had a wonderful experience the other week. The last two times you have opened up the opportunity for an Oracle card message I received ‘receptive’ and ‘open’. I had been thinking about what I need as a Mum to four-year-old twins who will be transitioning to four-year-old Kinder next year. I felt like I needed to transition too and had been yearning for a challenge in my career but struggled to really grasp how it could all fall into place. I received those two oracle card messages within weeks of one another and they were so timely — I’ve just, very unexpectedly, landed myself a new role which I’m so excited about. Messages come to us in the most unexpected and unplanned ways. Thank you for the timely reminders. Being receptive and open were the two things I perhaps most needed to be in this entire process 🙏🏻💕  

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