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If you are here right now, then you are ready to invite greater sensuality and enJOYment into your life. 

Start by choosing one, two, three, or as many ideas as you wish to embrace! 

1. Choose a card from the Sensual Seed oracle card deck first thing in the morning – reflect upon the guidance you receive

2. Buy yourself a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers as often as you would like to receive it from someone else (be your own adoring lover)

3. Dress up, reinvent your image – as if you are going out to meet your special someone!

4. Lovingly massage your body with oil (My personal favorite is Rasasara’s Vata Body Nourishing Oil)

5. Try the messy hair look. It can be incredibly alluring and sexy!

6. Start planning your next travel adventure

7. Every morning, awaken your senses by inhaling your favourite essential oil (I adore Alila Spa’s Signature Blend of Lemongrass, Lavendar, and Ylang Ylang)

8. Go to the park and enjoy the swing – allow your inner child to be free

9. Enjoy some “Me” time with a cup of SensualiTEA and a piece of dark chocolate

10. Light a candle in the bathroom as you prepare yourself for the day

11. Prepare a gorgeous tea tray and take it back to bed along with a book you love reading

12. Read an erotic short story to get your juices flowing

13. Set your intention for the day before doing anything else

14. Go to the brow bar and get your eyebrows shaped/tinted

15. Practice being fully present in the moment – this is your Power

16. Listen to the whispers of your heart

17. Invest in beautiful lingerie that makes you feel feminine and sexy 

18. Create a fun fund – save for travel and luxurious purchases

19. Practice dance or some form of sensual movement – I like practicing Qoya

20. Book yourself for an Ayurvedic body massage or spa day

21. Do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone 

22. Connect with your spirit by practicing deep breathing several times a day

23. Accessorise your outfits with a statement necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings

24. Love and accept yourself unconditionally

25. Place bud vases with a single flower in the bathroom and kitchen

26. Walk slowly and sensually with a perfect posture – it looks incredibly sexy and immediately makes you feel more confident

27. Shed the bra – free the nipple. Enjoy your naked body as often as possible

28. Start an empowering morning ritual – plan your day with the Femme Flow list journal

29. Find out which colours suit you best and wear them every day

30. Say ‘NO’ to all negative talk. Speak with love and kindness 

31. Don’t save your best things for a special day – Today (and every day) is the day to enjoy them

32. Express gratitude and appreciation – send a handwritten note to someone   

33. Add luxurious fabrics to your wardrobe – go for more linen, lace, silk, wool, cashmere 

34. Refrain from over-sharing – Keep your mystery alive

35. Wear a scarf – it can add an edge to any outfit

36. Get your nails done or do them yourself

37. Smile often

38. Treat yourself to private time at a luxury hotel  

39. Book a Vedic Astrology reading

40. Find your Signature Scent (Mine is L’Occitane Cherry Blossom)

41. Pleasure yourself – treat yourself to something from Passionfruit, The Sensuality Shop

42. Do something that’s surprising even to you

43. Keep a secret – it’s like having diamonds in your pocket

44. Wear something sexy to bed (even if you are sleeping alone)

(Please note that I’m not associated with any of the companies listed above. I’m only sharing what works for me and the products that I personally use. This blog post does not include any affiliate links).

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