Introducing the vibrant Rochelle Ford-Wilson featuring in this months Woman of Sensual Seed Conversation.  Rochelle is a Life, Business & Feminine Essence Coach to ambitious, burnt-out modern mompreneurs who are ready to do Life, Business & Motherhood like QUEENS.

Where do you live & what do you love about living there?

I was born, raised and still reside in Toronto, Canada. It is such a multi-national, diverse place to live and raise a family. I love the mixture of cultures that Toronto has, which also includes a HUGE variety of food to try! Another thing that I love about Toronto is that it has the BEST events in the summer, in my opinion. We love going to different street festivals and events each year.

How do you start your day?

I love starting my days off with a nice big stretch in bed, along with saying a silent short prayer of gratitude then meditating with my favourite app, Calm. From then, depending on the day and time, I will either journal, read a mindset book or dance in the mirror while getting ready for the day. However, no matter what they day brings, I always take my Sensual Seed Oracle card deck from my night table (I keep them on display right beside my candle, books and clock) and pull one. They truly have made ALL the difference in my days focus, energy and attention.

Favourite season and why?

I absolutely LOVE Fall. For the colours of the trees, the fresh crisp morning air and of course the cuuuuuute ankle boots and fashion sweaters and scarves I get to wear!

One thing that might surprise people about you

I was a child-hood actor!

Your favourite Sensual Seed card? 

That is such a hard question!! You really are going to make me choose?!? Well then, if I have to, I would say the DESIRE card! I love the beauty of the portrait on it, of the naked feminine woman who looks so alive with pleasure and passion for her life. I also love the message behind it, which I truly embody in my business as a Life, Business & Feminine Essence coach to busy, burnt-out modern moms & mompreneurs! I love reminding moms to get back in touch with their deepest desires and remember that they are a woman underneath all their roles… and as women, we have desires that are meant to be seen, felt & explored! Mama or not!

One defining moment in your life

I have 3. Getting married to my sexy husband, welcoming our beautiful boys (2) into the world and hitting SUBMIT on my first ever investment in myself for a 1-year coaching program.

A simple pleasure you enjoy every day?

Taking the time to light a beautifully scented candle for myself while enjoying a Epsom salt bath, book, or some time quality time with my man<3.

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