This months Women of Sensual Seed Conversation features Michelle Spotswood.

Michelle is the Founder of Daffodillar, a boutique service providing curation and styling of all areas within your home. Ultimately transforming your home into your sanctuary by minimising, sorting, decluttering and restyling.  The Daffodillar experience begins by exploring your vision for your new intentional life. It starts with what is already within your home; curating items with you.  Get to know a little more about Michelle below.

Where do you live & what do you love about living there?

I live in Eltham. I appreciate the accessibility of the suburb.  I can be in the city or my favourite suburbs within half an hour by car. We have a bus at the end of our street for our teenage boys to access the ‘world’ and grow their independence.

Along the path and under the bridge we are down along the Yarra River. I can walk within the bush in minutes. I need the tall trees – their wisdom and strength – to clear my thoughts with the rustling of their leaves.

I also have wonderful access to Montsalvat and Secondhome, my favourite local cafes.

How do you start your day?

Mmmmmm I start my day not very ethereal or traditionally mindfully. I have tried to wake an hour before everyone. I read for 20 minutes, walked for 25 minutes and home for 15 minutes to sort myself but it isn’t me. I’m not a morning person although I know that is supposed to be one of the habits of successful people. But by what measurement is that success derived? Anyway back to my real answer … I sleep til 8 then up with getting kids to school. After 9 I walk for an hour. Along those river/ bush paths. Home at 10 to start my day.

Favourite season?

I welcome all the seasons. They are life. The ups and downs, the sunshine and rain. There are no favourites. I love styling to the season. It is an opportunity to reflect my mood, my intentions for the season. I embrace change. I have grown up with lots of change and different perspectives. We moved states and houses within states. My sister Allison was adopted and I am aware families are made in different ways. Connections are beyond blood. They are made from experiences. I love the spontaneity of the summer, the colour n crunch of autumn, I love the cold – the fires, the cosiness, the beach – in winter and the new possibilities of Spring. They are all necessary. Life cannot have one without the other.

 One thing that might surprise people about you

I don’t think I’m a surprise to anyone but I am a conundrum or a complexity. I often do not feel understood. It is lovely with age to find your people.

 Your favourite Sensual Seed card? 

I own the original artwork ‘Nourish’ and ‘Courage’. Nourish is about family. Courage is a reminder for myself.

 One defining moment in your life

The most defining moment of my life was the death of my sister, Allison. I’ve learnt about being deep in a hole of sadness. I’ve learnt life goes on for others despite what is happening to individuals. I’ve learnt to treasure people and not stuff. I’ve learnt not to gossip, not to talk about others. At the time of her death Allison had by her bedside “My friends are my estate”. I value that too. I have learnt the value of objects. I have questioned how we place value upon them and how to question that supposed meaning. You don’t need collections to be connected.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self care to me is time. Time to have space. Time to be quiet. Time to stop. Time to slow.

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