Tangled up in blue

The weft of my clothe slightly frayed

The edges as ragged as my feelings

I dressed myself in happiness today,

Dragged the crumpled suit from the back of the wardrobe

Stood before the mirror and hoped it not only covered my nakedness,

But also my deep sorrow and loneliness

It was last years suit of happiness

Or the year before

But I wasn’t concerned with trends

As long as it covered the naked bits of my soul

A loose thread was my undoing,

Who knew, that a thread hooked on an unexpected question

Could unravel so fast and completely.

The suit of happiness lay in tatters

along with the rest of my emotional wardrobe

I was naked, probably for the first time

and the feeling was lightness

No filter between myself and the outside world

The wind lifting the hair on my arms

The horizon lifting my eyes to look far ahead

I shall weave my own clothes,

I shall weave my own life.

Words: B Ditchfield

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