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I love the “unphotographed” you-

the way you form a circle with your hands to enfold the full moon.

The way your tears linger on the brink of your vulnerability

because you can never turn your back to beauty.

The way you smile at strangers with cool hair or beaming eyes;

or with a heart for random act of kindness.

The way you marvel at the littlest details

unraveled by the morning.


And I love the way you become the moss in the darkness,

holding the water that sustains both my city and my forest.

I love the “unphotographed” you-

you, who offer full presence to me; to us.

The way we are with each other and blur past and future.


I love the way you look me in the eye as you say:

“this, this makes me laugh”

and I love the way you laugh – revealing your teeth, gums,

and the sheer stain of coffee, candy or tea on your tongue.


I love how you sit by my side, how some of your hair cover your face and your eyes as we talked – we really talked.

It feels like re-discovering who you are.


I love the “un-photographed” you –

I once showed you the scars in my heart;

You looked into them and said,

“These roughest scars are the most beautiful”

and you touched each of them tenderly without judgement.


I love the “un-photographed” moments when you raise your elbow

to show me your goosebumps,

and the way the breeze blows the edges of your sleeves or skirt.


I love the way you leave your heart in places and people for you to live-

I am reminded of a bamboo leaf that falls into the river and forms a ripple.


I love your awkwardness, the blemishes on your face (and the traces of oil on your forehead).


I love the “un-photographed” you-

the way you look into beauty (whatever its texture is) quiet and still (but in sighs)

I love the rawness in you away from here.


Author: Kristine Buenavista (for Sensual Seed), published in Elephant Journal

Artwork: “Honesty” by Amanda Kennedy


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