Do not be afraid to reveal your wild side. Embrace all aspects of your personality to live a truly fulfilling life.

Society tries hard to tame us, women, by creating cookie cutter roles for us. Do not lose the Truth of who you are by trying to fit into the mould of ‘a good woman,’ ‘a good wife,’ ‘a good daughter,’ ‘a good mother.’ When you try to fit into these moulds, you give your power away, becoming what you are expected to become, instead of, living your own Truth.

And your Truth often has, what society might call, a ‘wild side.’ Let this side out; don’t be afraid to initiate sex, don’t be afraid to express your sexuality, don’t be afraid to talk louder, don’t be afraid to bang the door if you want to, don’t be afraid to make more money than your partner, don’t be afraid to live your Truth! You have long suppressed your individuality, it is time to accept and integrate all aspects of your personality, even those parts that are not completely acceptable to others.

When we suppress any aspect of our personality, it taints our subconscious by deeply embedding negative psychic impressions and harmful belief systems into it. These show up in life as setbacks, disappointments, frustrations and failures.

It is important to accept our own selves in totality and with detachment. Do not judge how you feel or what you desire. Do not judge yourself for wanting to do something that might seem unacceptable to other people. Self-acceptance is the key for developing detachment. And only with detachment can you let go of that which is truly unwanted.

Allow yourself to be natural. Only when you are natural can your ‘wild’ side come to the surface. If you think you cannot completely express your wild side, then take up some creative pursuit; like singing, dancing, painting, drumming to sublimate your ‘wildness’ into heightened creativity.

Explore and find out what is the best way for you to express your wild side!

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