In pure vitality, lies pure peace. Develop greater vitality by practising unconditional love.

When are we most alive, when are we in perfect sync with the world around us? When does the grass look greener, the sun feels brighter and every face appears smiling? Doesn’t it always happen when we are ‘in love?’

Then, why not be ‘in love’ forever? Why not live and practise a love that never dies? Yes, no human love can give that sense of profound gratification but all our human relationships can become more joyous, more fulfilling, if we begin to connect with and cultivate Divine unconditional Love inside our hearts.

In Divine Love, we are in love with love itself. There is no object of love. Yet every creature, every human being who crosses our path becomes a recipient of such deep love. The joy, the peace, the calmness, we experience in such a state of love, bereft of any conditions and painful attachments, cannot be compared to anything human.

To harness such deep love within your heart, connect with the Universe by spending time reflecting, meditating and doing things that bring you in touch with your True Self because it is within the Self that the infinite unconditional love of the Universe resides.

When your heart and your Soul radiate such profound unconditional love, it automatically lights up the lives and hearts of many. And what you send out comes back to you multiplied a thousand-fold. In turn, your good health, happiness and vitality increase boundlessly!

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