What is visible is often not the Truth. Look underneath appearances to find out what is True.

Human life is a collective dream in motion, and it is with this dream fabric that we are creating our Reality every moment. No, we don’t have problems and suffering in our life because the Universe doesn’t love us. In truth, it is our subconscious mind that is creating problematic conditions and suffering. This Truth is, indeed, hard to accept as it automatically makes us responsible even for the not- so-pleasurable aspects of our lives. But remember only by taking full responsibility can we attain absolute freedom!

Do not hold onto limiting beliefs. Do not give your power away b blaming and complaining. You can change everything to suit your desire. For instance, if you do not like your current bodyweight, then start visualising yourself at your ideal body weight. Just do not see or believe in whatever it is that is in front of you right now if you don’t like it that way. Remember, your body is also created by your thought power, and when your thought processes change, your body automatically transforms.

Similarly, accept nothing that you don’t like. If you feel your partner is not being loving towards you, then start visualising that you have the most wonderful, loving and affectionate partner. If you can do this long enough, with all your faith and strength of Soul, then your partner will definitely change.

At the same time, don’t force your desires to be fulfilled by a certain person. Visualise the qualities, both physical and emotional, you want to see in your ideal partner. Either your current partner will be able to rise up to the energy of your vision or a new, more suitable partner will come into your life. Never say it has to be that one specific person as this leads to karmic interference, causing more suffering in life and blocking the energies of manifestation.

Apply this rule to everything in life. Never say it has to be that one specific company, one specific boss, one specific name, one specific brand. Keep yourself open to possibilities and people so that the Universe can deliver what is best for you. And what is best for you has to come to you. More often than not what we receive exceeds our expectations. Trust that you have the power to create everything you want. Believe, and it will be yours. Visualise and it will soon become visible!

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