As you wake up to the beauty and vibrancy of Nature, more blessings shall flow.

All of nature pulsates with vibrancy. When you become One with nature, you yourself also become more vibrant and more alive. Everything in this world is energy. In your Oneness with Nature, you begin to absorb its life force energy. As your being begins to radiate with more life force energy; your mind and body start to heal. You get back in touch with your Soul that knows nothing but pure bliss.

Try taking frequent walks in Nature. Walk bare feet, feeling the soft moist grass under your feet. Experience how it is alive just like you are. Take the time to notice the beautiful colours of a butterfly’s wings, breathing in the beauty of those colours into your being. Take time to lie down on the green grass and stare at the infinite Heavens above, breathing in the vastness of the azure sky. Feel every cell in your body becoming more vibrant; your whole being becoming more effervescent, more vivacious, and more joyous!

Let yourself feel; let yourself touch; let yourself smell; let yourself taste, because it is when you are One with all your senses that your Being becomes One with the Universe. In such oneness, your whole body becomes more energised, your mind discovers a rare clarity, and your heart becomes more open. It all happens when you simply allow yourself to become more vibrant!

Try a simple meditation by closing your eyes and visualising yourself in a beautiful garden. See yourself surrounded by trees laden with juicy fruits, colourful flowers, green grass, butterflies, children playing, and a rainbow. As you breathe in, intend that you are taking in the beauty, colourful vibrancy and joy of these surroundings. As you breathe out, exhale a brown colour carrying away all your tensions, worries, stresses and sadness.

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