As you surrender to Higher Principles, your life heals. Grace and abundance shall flow to you.

Sometimes we badly want something, but it doesn’t come to us. We soon become frustrated and lose faith. However, it is important to realise that by trying so hard to make things work our way, we are often blocking the energies of manifestation. Instead, if we can let go of the outcome we desire, the Universe will finally be able to send our way, something much more wonderful than what we could have even hoped for.

A lot of times our immediate desires are not fulfilled, simply because the Universe wants us to have something much better than what we are asking for using our limited thought power. Surrender is all about faith. Do you remember the time when you were a little girl, crossing the road holding daddy’s little finger? Were you then afraid of the innumerable cars on the busy road? Did you even notice them? No, isn’t it? You had complete faith that daddy is there for you, and as long as daddy is there for you, nothing bad can happen to you.

There was no doubt; only perfect faith and total surrender! Today, we are constantly fed with fear. Turn on any news channel, listen to the latest chit-chat, pick up a newspaper, it is all chock-full of negativity. We are constantly being conditioned to be fearful, and in our fearfulness, we are only creating more misery for ourselves. Let go of all your fears. Trust that only good can come to you! Trust that you are a daughter of this Universe walking on the path of life holding the Infinite’s little finger. As long as you have total faith that you are being looked after by the Universe, only the most wonderful of things will happen with you.

At the same time, surrender does not mean becoming idle, nor does it mean not intending or wishing for things. It simply means; doing your best, and then trusting that the Universe shall bring to you what belongs to you. It is about letting go of your attachment to any specific outcome.

In meditation, express your desires and wishes to the Universe. Visualise their fulfilment in the present moment. Allow yourself to feel emotions of joy, happiness and gratitude. Have unflinching faith that you will receive what is in your highest interest. You will be surprised because what will come to you will always exceed all your expectations!

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