You are a lightworker. Let the brilliance of your Soul shine.

Lightworkers are special Souls who have taken it upon themselves to spread the light and love of the Universe. If this card has appeared in your reading, then you are one of these special Souls. Even before you took birth on this planet, you had a strong desire to help others, while working on your own spiritual growth.

Lightworkers might have to go through a lot of suffering and difficulties, especially in the first phase of their life. Awaken to the realisation that your life had to be exactly the way it has been so that you could develop greater compassion and love to help all creatures who inhabit this planet while also experiencing great joy within your own Self.

However, being a lightworker is not easy as you are a very sensitive Soul who cannot comprehend the negativity and hatred plaguing this planet during current times. You wonder why people cannot always be loving and caring towards each other or why is it so hard for people to say words of kindness and appreciation?

Remember, this planet exists on the plane of duality. There will always be some dark elements surrounding the Light. Do what you can without letting your spirit plummet with the negativity that is around. The sun rises every single morning and shines on every creature, not worrying about who likes it and who doesn’t, or, who appreciates it and who doesn’t.

Become like the sun; let your love spread everywhere and the brilliance of your Soul shine on everyone. Expect no reward; expect no change in anybody. Just go on fulfilling what is your Soul’s purpose. Little by little, many miracles will begin to unfold around you!

Simply allow the brilliance of your Soul to shine in this Infinite Universe forever!

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