As you take better care of yourself, you become ready to receive greater blessings and abundance.

Sometimes the answer to our prayers is right in front of our eyes but we fail to recognise it, simply because we have become too rapt and blinded by our suffering. When you begin to give love and care to yourself, the many layers of sadness and grief surrounding you begin to melt away. You develop in yourself the ability to receive the blessings and abundance that the Universe is too eager to shower you with.

Self-care is a powerful healing experience as it is an important lesson in self-independence. We, women, like being cared for, and, when we don’t receive it from others, we ignore our bodies and ourselves. At times, this is almost akin to torture. Make it a point to take good care of yourself and your body. Do not wait for anyone else to do it for you. Be your own best friend!

Don’t feel guilty when you spend money on yourself. You deserve to be pampered. Remember, money is only an energetic manifestation of the idea of abundance.

There is plenty in the Universe for all your needs. You have to just keep yourself aligned with the energy of abundance. The money you need will find a way of coming to you. Every time you spend money, do it guilt-free!

Go out, get a massage, play your favourite sport, enjoy your favourite dinner, listen to your favourite music. Do whatever makes you feel loved and special or whatever you would expect your partner to do for you.

When you become your own lover, you are truly empowered. There is no longer a need to depend upon others for fulfilment. This also brings greater happiness to all your relationships. From now on, make self-care a priority in your life!

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