Adopt rituals of love and happiness to experience greater joy in life. Anything that is done with care and attention can become a ritual. While societal rituals are prescribed by religion and dogma, we can develop our own rituals of love and happiness to derive greater satisfaction from life.

Develop rituals of self-care above anything else! Run a warm bath, light some incense and candles, turn on some soft music, soak in your favourite aromatic bubbles. Let all your tensions melt away in this ritual of profound relaxation. Make it a point to regularly take some ‘me’ time and do this or something similar that you enjoy.

Self-care is an act of showing love to your body and mind. Treat your body and mind like a delicate little baby who needs to be nurtured and showered with affection.

Turn your entire morning routine into a ritual.

When you are standing in the shower, close your eyes and feel the warm water gently trickle down your skin. Intend that with the flowing water, you are letting go of all your tensions, worries and negative energy. Set the intention that every drop of water, as it touches your skin, is rejuvenating and revitalising your whole body.

Let yourself soak in pure love and bliss! Make time to sit down for breakfast. Relish every morsel of food you put into your mouth; visualising the food going down your throat and nurturing every organ of your body.

Live every moment of your life in meditation; completely absorbed in the moment and experiencing life with all your senses. When you live in such deep meditation, the most ordinary of all activities become a ritual to honour the Divine within you!

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