There is something or someone wonderful waiting to enter your life. Let go of the past to let in the new.

Letting go of that which no longer serves us can be hard, and yet, it is a crucial step for letting in new more wonderful things. To us, humans, nothing is scarier than the anticipation of the future. We obsessively worry about what the future will bring us; holding, clutching onto the past, no matter how toxic it may be. The only way to let go of the past and release all fears of the future is by establishing yourself in pure faith.

Where there is faith, there is no fear. You just trust that what is good for you and is meant for you shall come to you. You know and believe that you are loved; you are taken care of. In fearlessness, you are truly alive and have the ability to genuinely fulfil your Soul’s purpose.

The greatest fear of all is the fear of loss of love. But how can you ever lose that which is your very essence? Love is, indeed, your true essence. It is the very thing that holds the fabric of the Universe together.

All the love that comes to you through others is only a mirrored reflection of what you are giving. Do not get attached or obsessed with a particular face. It is that same Spirit, which dwells inside you, who loves you through the many roles and many people in your life. As long as you are connected with the inner fountain of eternal bliss, you will always have love in your life.

Never think that you are alone because the whole Universe is by your side! You only have to ask once for help, and you will be helped.

Release all your fears, all your inhibitions, all the toxic elements of the past and present. As you let go, your body and life shall heal. New beautiful connections will be established, and greater love will find its way to you!

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