Allow yourself to become more receptive and you will attract more blessings.

Let go of all your doubts; release all fears and apprehensions. You are worthy, you are deserving, and you shall receive!

Trust that the moment you express a legitimate wish, the Universe sets out to fulfil it. But when you express doubt by wondering how it is going to happen or question whether you deserve it or not, you block the energetic channels of manifestation.

Be receptive; be self-assured! Your order is placed and it is on its way. Patience and faith are all that is required of you. Retain the ability to recognise it when grace flows to you. What you have wished for might come to you in a way or through a person from whom you never expected to receive it.

If you feel fearful that your dreams are never going to come true, then work on replacing the energy of fear with the energy of love. Focus on your breath; exhaling all your fears and inhaling pure unconditional love.

Most of the time our desires don’t get fulfilled simply because we are not aligned with the energy of their fulfilment. For instance, you think you badly want a job, but every time you go for an interview you are anticipating rejection. Visualise a positive outcome every time you are thinking about what you desire, see that you already have it and are enjoying it. Express your gratitude in advance and allow yourself to become happy in advance.

You can have everything you desire! Change your thoughts and whatever you wish for shall be yours. Just allow yourself to become more receptive!

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