Awaken to the magnificence of your being by becoming fully present in the Now.

Detach yourself from your mind and observe it work. You will notice that  your suffering, your fears, and your worries are all either in the past or in anticipation of the future.

Be still and simply breathe, allowing yourself to connect with the Now. In this present moment all thoughts cease, and, there is, indeed, a void. Yes, you can choose to flood it with resentment, hatred, and disappointments from the past or you can choose to rejoice in the thoughtless state of supreme consciousness in which there is pure bliss and nothing else!

But then, it is the nature of the mind to think, isn’t it? The mind is a monkey that constantly needs something to play with. If the ‘present’ is a void, then, the mind will do everything to fill the emptiness with thoughts of past and future. Knowing this nature of the mind, the awakened ones in all cultures have emphasised on the importance of meditation for eternity.

To meditate is to become fully present in the ‘Now.’ There are many methods of meditation but the goal of all of them is to help us recognise our Truth along with the infinite potential of the Self.

Experiment and find the best method of meditation for you. Make time for meditation every day and live each moment of life with complete mindfulness. Allow yourself to become fully Present in the Now. Your Presence will then become a blessing to humanity, and, all those who cross your path will be uplifted!

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