Keep yourself open to possibilities. There is something wonderful on offer.

A lot of times we close ourselves to the gifts that the Universe wants to shower us with. If this card has appeared in your reading, then, you are most likely going through a similar situation where there is something wonderful on offer for you but you are not open to receiving it. Don’t try hard to swim against the tide. Accept what comes your way; let go of that which no longer serves you.

When you ask for something, remain open to possibilities because what we ask for is often not the best thing for us. Set your intention for experiencing or receiving something. And then, let go of that desire, trusting that the Universe will bring it to fulfilment in a much better way than you can even imagine.

Also, keep your heart open to people. While we are constantly pining to receive care and affection from our loved ones, the greatest acts and expressions of love can sometimes come from strangers. Don’t close your heart to anyone. Strangers are just family you have not yet become acquainted with.

Treat the world as your family. Always keep your heart open to giving and receiving love. In your closest relationships, do not be afraid to open up your heart completely. Only the strongest have the courage to be vulnerable. Be completely honest in your relationships.

Those who truly love you will accept you for who you are. Do not try to change yourself to be ‘good enough’ for anyone. You are perfect, you are wonderful, you are beautiful exactly the way you are.

Keep your heart and your arms wide open, because the Universe wants to shower you with innumerable gifts and infinite happiness!

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