As you nourish your body, your inner and outer life heals. Expect miracles!

Take good care of your physical body because this physical body  is the temple of the Soul that we often take for granted by not valuing its needs and by not expressing gratitude for all the work it does for us. When we are not in tune with our bodies, there is an energetic discord. This disturbed energy begins to manifest even in our relationships with others, and in our relationship with the environment. Nourishing the body with healthy nutritious food and pure water is an act of giving love to it. When we treat our body with love, compassion and gentleness, our heart expands. And when our heart expands, new portals of success and happiness open up.

This physical body is our vehicle for experiencing life. It is the only real place we have for living on this planet. Since it has come for free, we do not value it, nor do we take care of it the way we should. Treat your body as if you have borrowed it from a best friend.

You will suddenly be more careful with it, more loving, more nurturing towards it. When we express love to our bodies; our body, mind and Soul come together in perfect alignment. In such a state of alignment, the unconditional love of our heart grows and expands to encompass all beings and all of creation.

Where there is love, there are no problems, no failures, no discontentment, no diseases, no energetic discords. Our entire life heals; both inner and outer. It all begins with loving and accepting ourselves in the totality of who we are. Accept the beauty of your body and embrace the generosity of your Soul. Perhaps, you can start by enjoying a nutritious and delicious meal!

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