Allow yourself to enjoy all the luxuries that come to you. They are gifts from the Universe.

We make the mistake of thinking that luxuries are hurdles on our spiritual path. And that the more Spartan we live, the more spiritual we are. But this is not true. This world is only a manifestation of our collective consciousness. The life that we are sharing with those around us is nothing but a collective dream. With its dream fabric, we can create anything we want. Yes, you can create infinite wealth; you can have all the money you need and desire. Allow yourself to become the receiver by recognising that it is, indeed, you who is the Creator.

Let go of all limiting beliefs about money. Let go of the idea that you have to be poor and struggling in order to be spiritual. There is plenty in the Universe for everyone, and you have every right to live in abundance. The real problem does not lie in having money and material luxuries but it comes from becoming attached to them. It is the attachment and the value judgments we hold that cause all the suffering.

Also, do not hoard wealth when it comes to you as doing so blocks the energy of abundance from flowing smoothly. Enjoy what comes to you and let go of that which goes away.

Keep constantly affirming that you are enjoying all material and spiritual luxuries. Affirm that abundance and grace are constantly flowing to you. You are a daughter of this infinite Universe; every wish you hold shall be fulfilled; each luxury you desire shall be yours!

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