Love is all there is! Open your heart to giving and receiving unconditional love.

If this card has appeared in your reading, then the lesson of unconditional love is what you need to most learn at this moment. Questions to ask: Are you being true to yourself, do you love yourself unconditionally or are you always finding faults in yourself? Accept yourself completely and don’t weigh your spirit down with guilt and regret. Let go of the past. Forgive; be gentle, be compassionate with yourself. You will automatically become compassionate with others. When you begin loving yourself unconditionally, the love in your heart spreads to encompass those around you. It happens effortlessly, naturally. We treat others the way we treat ourselves. Fall in love with your own Self, and you will fall in love with all of humanity!

If you are trying to recover from a traumatic relationship, or, are still carrying the trauma from a past relationship, it is time to let go of the pain and suffering.

The tighter you hold onto the painful memories, the harder it will be for nurturing loving relationships to come your way. Connect with the unconditional love of your own heart and allow all your relationships to heal, including the one with your own self.

Practise this simple meditation to heal your love life of past and present traumas. Find a quiet space; close your eyes and visualise your partner in front of you. With all the good intentions of your heart and the deepest unconditional love, tell your partner that you are forgiving them and are letting go of them. Don’t worry, by this, you are not driving your partner away. You are simply releasing the negativity in the relationship. If you both are meant to be together, then they will come back, and you will be united in a more loving and mutually nurturing bond. Through this practice, you are only releasing the dark energy that is preventing love from completely blossoming between you two. Also, remember that you do not forgive because somebody is worthy of it, you forgive because you deserve to be happy.

On the other hand, if your desire is to attract a romantic partner, then list down all the qualities you want in them. Send unconditional love and pink light to the light body of your partner. Visualise doing things together and start living your life as if your partner is already there. Your ideal soulmate will soon enter your life in physical reality. Have faith and it shall happen!

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