Intimacy is beautiful. Allow yourself to become physically, emotionally
and spiritually intimate with another human being.

If this card has appeared in your reading, then you might be holding yourself back from becoming intimate with a partner. We often create walls around ourselves that are impossible to break even for those who love us the most. This might be due to conditioning or negative psychological impressions from childhood. It could be that you grew up in a broken home where you saw your parents fighting all the time. You might have subconsciously concluded that you do not want intimate relationships.

Sometimes lack of acceptance for our own body can also lead to fear of intimacy. A lot of women are afraid of allowing their partner to see them naked because they are embarrassed of certain body parts. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed; love your body for what it is. Work at keeping it healthy and looking good but don’t let insecurities come near you. You are perfect the way you are and your partner will also accept you the way you are if you accept yourself first.

Relationship with another is only a reflection of your own relationship with yourself. When two people truly enjoy each other’s company, the yin and yang, the male and the female aspect, of the relationship is balanced. But that does not happen until the yin and yang in your own self is balanced. You have to accept the masculine and the feminine within you, thereby, nurturing both these aspects. For instance, you can be a nurturing mother and yet a strong woman who relentlessly pursues her dreams. Allow yourself to accept whatever comes to you naturally.

In acceptance, lies the real secret of intimacy. If you can accept yourself, you can then be intimate with yourself. And when you can be intimate with yourself, you can be intimate with another. When you are fulfilled within your own self, intimacy with another becomes a vehicle for reaching the Divine – it becomes a human experience of becoming One with the Infinite. Accept yourself in totality and allow true intimacy to unfold!

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