Do not try to change anyone, seek only to inspire.

What is it that truly changes anyone? Real change never happens until it is a change of heart and a change of heart can only come from an inspiration. Make yourself an inspiration if you want to change anything in anyone!

The formula of life is simple: become a role model for the qualities you want your loved ones to imbibe in themselves and give unconditionally whatever you desire for yourself. If you desire love, then give love. Asking or begging your partner to love you is not going to bring about any positive change in them.

But if you become a receptacle of the Universe’s infinite unconditional love, then boundless love shall flow to all those who come into your aura. Your partner will automatically change, in their own time, inspired by the illumination of your heart.

Similarly, if you want your loved ones to cultivate healthful habits, then make your own lifestyle immaculately healthy. At the same time, accept your loved ones unconditionally, and in totality, because trying to change anyone is an indicator of lack of love. In acceptance, you allow them their individuality and their free will. In time, they shall become inspired, and only with inspiration does a transformation for life occur, but do not seek for this to happen. It shall come when the time is right.

Do not wait to be inspired. Become an inspiration of that very quality which you most desire.

Let every pore of your being radiate with such divine inspiration. Allow every action you do, every word you utter to be inspired by the brilliance of your Soul. In such a state of consciousness; only bliss, happiness and love shall come to you!

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