Let the fire of your Soul burn bright as new horizons are opening up.

The divine spark present in all of us remains waiting to be ignited. When we kindle this spark by discovering and acknowledging our True Self, we honour all of Creation. In such a state, we are in perfect harmony with all of existence. New horizons magically start opening up for us.

Trust your instinct; go with the flow. Your heart already knows all there is to be known. The sacred fire of your Soul shall burn all the negativity that surrounds you. The brighter you allow this fire to burn, the more positivity you will attract in your life.

Do not hide it, do not try to stop it, because this is the nature of the Spirit. Allow the entire Universe to work through you. Let go of all conditionings; burn all acquired knowledge on the altar of this sacred fire of the Self. In such a state what is worth knowing shall be known!

Embrace your body; embrace your femininity without any guilt. This physical body is the home of the divine sacred fire. You chose this body as your vehicle for experiencing life. Let go of all feelings of inadequacy, shame, and guilt associated with it, because with this body you are the Divine Feminine in manifestation.

Take a deep breath and step into the peace of your own heart. There, this divine fire waits to be awakened. As you light up this fire with the purity of your Soul, the radiance of your spirit shall burn bright, encompassing all those around you and all of creation. Your existence will then be a magic in motion!

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